ILLY Espresso Coffee CLASSICO Review
ILLY Espresso Coffee CLASSICO Review

ILLY bean coffee is ideal for coffee drinkers who love grinding the coffee beans to suit their palate and preparation technique.

Very carefully picked and meticulously roasted and blended, ILLY coffee beans invoke a remarkable charm and poetry in the passionate coffee drinker.

Features ILLY Espresso Coffee CLASSICO

We start this ILLY espresso coffee review by looking at their CLASSICO Blend.

As soon as you open the finely branded tin can, the aroma of yummy potent coffee permeates the air.

I liked it. I brewed my espresso coffee and was anxious to see how it flavored. I am personally not a fan of really bitter espresso coffee, for the record.

I know some espresso coffee lovers live for bitterness, but that is not me.

The ILLY Espresso Coffee CLASSICO was robust, intense, full of taste, but not very bitter.

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Ground Espresso Classico Medium Roast Coffee

I was amazed by how much of the coffee beans’ natural flavor was expressed.

There’re delicate notes of citrus and caramel that punctuate the whole experience.

This is a blend of nine different Arabica coffee beans sourced worldwide.

Remember that this was an extremely intentional blend, and it is evident judging by the taste. I have encountered blends before that looks more like a jumble of random beans than a curated collection of aromas and flavors.

Fortunately, ILLY Espresso Coffee CLASSICO has achieved a wonderfully solid and robust blend with their CLASSICO Blend.

I appreciated ILLY Espresso’s decision to medium roast in this CLASSICO blend.

The outcome is a very balanced blend full of natural flavor while delivering desirable smokiness.

This is an excellent choice for the discerning coffee espresso lover who favors a medium roast.

ILLY Espresso Coffee CLASSICO is packed in an air-free, pressurized can that improves and seals in oils and aromas for ideal coffee.

Smooth, flawlessly consistent, balanced, and never bitter.

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