Presso – The Manual Espresso Machine
Presso – The Manual Espresso Machine

Many people love drinking espresso. For about a century now, this drink remained an all-time favourite by many people.

To make espresso, you will need water (approximately 90°) and pressure. It would be best to make sure that the water is not boiling, or else the coffee will become bitter.

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Presso Manual Espresso Machine

Ordinary coffee makers did not fulfil such requirements. The Presso manual espresso machine designer thought that hot water from a kettle could be used by simply adding pressure through mechanical leverage.

Prototypes were made, and soon a solution was created which delivered the best espresso in town. Today, many people are used to instant coffee, but with Presso, you will need to take part in making espresso.

The materials used to create the Presso espresso machine are ecologically sound and can even be recycled.

This manual espresso machine is an award-winning piece and is now known worldwide.

How to Make Coffee by Using Presso

When making your espresso, you will need fresh water. Make sure that the water wants not re-boiled.

The coffee grounds you use should be the ones suitable for Presso and other manual espresso machines. You need to get just the right size of coffee grounds – not too large and not too fine.

Overfill the cylinder of the Presso with hot water to ensure maximum crema. This is one way to add pressure. Raise the Presso’s arms and squeeze it down firmly.

When the espresso is out, stop and catch the rest in a cup, then discard it.

Using the spoon tamp, tamp the coffee grounds firmly. When the Presso is already filled with no water, you can now raise the handles to infuse the water into the grinds.

Leave it for 15-25 seconds. Push handles downwards on one firm motion and hold. It would be best if you waited until the water is extracted. If all the moisture is not extracted, you can repeat the procedure.

Cleaning It Presso manual espresso machine 

Remember that it’s not advisable to put the Presso inside a dishwasher. You can use soapy water when washing but do this occasionally. Instead, rinse out the coffee grounds in the bin and also clean the portafilter.

The Presso’s milk frother can be washed using a dishwasher, but the rest should be cleaned manually. When you purchase the Presso, it also comes with a manual.

Just follow the instructions there carefully when removing the round rubber and the plunger. Make sure that the parts are spotless and dry before reassembling.

Where to Buy Manual Espresso Machine

The Presso can be purchased anywhere globally, whether you’re in Canada, USA, UK, New Zealand, Denmark, Germany, Australia, Korea, Poland, etc.

Additional Info

P Hunt designed this espresso machine. The body is made from pressure-cast aluminum, and it is hand polished. Stainless steel bearing components and a tough, heat-proof, and transparent plastic makes up the reservoir where boiling water is placed. The so-called portafilter is a chrome-plated, commercial style, and domestic size unit. The 1-way valve and the shower are made from silicone that is food grade.

Method Refinement

The flavour, body, and consistency of the espresso are affected by adjusting the main components – grind, dose, and tamp. The accepted optimum extraction is 25 seconds. With the use of Presso, you will achieve the perfect time to prepare the perfect espresso.

Here are some things to ponder:

1. The extraction time will be affected by the grind that is used. A fine grind or a coarse grind will tend to extend or reduce extraction time.
2. The filter basket of the Presso should not be overfilled or under-filled because it can also affect the extraction time and crema.
3. If it is insufficient or overpressure on the Tamp, it will also affect the puck penetration by water at an adequate pressure.

ROK ROKMAKERBLK Presso Manual Espresso Maker
ROK ROKMAKERBLK Presso Manual Espresso Maker

Now, you can prepare espresso at home. The innovative and simple design of the Presso manual espresso machine, as well as its affordability, makes it an excellent choice for homemakers who love espresso.

The Presso can provide sufficient pressure, and so it is the ideal manual espresso machine for you. Since the machine also comes with a milk frother, you can turn your espresso into a cappuccino or even a latte.

Because of the materials used in the design of the espresso maker, the machine is environmentally friendly. It does not consume too much energy, unlike conventional coffee makers out there. Energy is used only when water is being boiled in the kettle, but after that, you only need human force to press the machine’s arms.

You can get this amazing manual espresso machine for about $150, and that is already a good deal.

Manual Espresso Maker
Manual Espresso Maker

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Manual Espresso Machines and Coffee Makers 

The best way to purchase the Presso is online, and if you live in the places mentioned earlier, there are specific websites that you can visit to make the purchase.

Presso is indeed environment friendly, functional, and beautiful. In seconds, you can already prepare a good tasting espresso that you can boast to your friends.

Just get hot water, and after that, you can now have the greatest espresso shot.

Freshly roasted coffee beans are the way to go. When purchasing them, tell the seller to grind them for use in a manual espresso machine. Make sure that you keep the coffee beans in a vacuum container.

P Hunt came up with a revolutionary espresso maker, and somehow it has hit the market like a storm. Many people want to buy it.

It has received several awards already, and this is sufficient proof that the machine really works. Having an espresso shot every day is just within your reach.

You don’t need to buy an espresso because now you can prepare it in your own home in seconds!

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How to use the LeverPresso Espresso Maker

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